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The Winemaker
I’m Anthony Schroth, the founder, grower, and winemaker of Premonition Cellars. I’d like to tell you how our company got started and what our hope is for the future. Take a look below to see the milestones of my journey to becoming a passionate winemaker.
It’s been a labor of love all along. Now my hope is that my wines will bring you the same pleasure that I have in producing them.

I traveled to Sonoma County in my quest to play baseball for Sonoma State University. At the time, I soon learned about an industry that would come to mean more to me than baseball ever did. It began quite by accident, when I learned that the accounting course I wanted was full and I had to make another choice. As a lark, I signed up for a wine course. What began as an inconvenience became the start of my career as a winemaker.


During the 2005 harvesting season, I worked as an intern with O’Brian Family Vineyards in Napa, CA. My immersion there into the wine culture showed me what the industry had to offer. I graduated Sonoma State in 2006 with a double major in marketing and wine business. Then I took a full-time job at Harvest Moon Estate & Winery, in the heart of the Russian River Valley. This was where I fine-tuned my skills in every aspect of the wine business. I wore several hats in this position, and that helped me become a well-rounded wine maker and businessman.


The 2007 harvest season brought the next big step in my career. A grower came to the Harvest Moon tasting room and asked if anyone would be interested in buying his pinot noir grapes. Because Harvest Moon’s pinot program was at full capacity, I decided to look at his operation on my own. Although his vineyard was in poor shape, and his fruit fell short of my standards, I offered to get his business back into quality condition.


After several long 15-hour days, and much time and energy put into such an endeavor, I was able to eventually get the vineyard back into a quality condition. During the long hours in the vineyard fantasizing about my future in the wine industry, I had a premonition of my ideal business. In 2009, that vision was born and is now Premonition Cellars. Year after year, the passion I have for the product I create grows more and more. Premonition Cellars is certainly a labor of love. It is my hope that these wines affect you in the same way they have for me.

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